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Someone who takes all the sides from the table and doesn't leave any for anyone else at the table.
God Mary is such a side whore we had some KFC yesterday and she took all the mashed potatoes for herself. God she is such a side whore!
by Mr. Jesus October 29, 2007
A Male or Female who engages in all kinds of Sex acts with People who are Married or in a LTR. These Sex Acts take place only during times when the Married or Taken individual has a few minutes to spare. Side-Whores Perform Grimy acts that are usually Quick and Performed in places like, Alleys, hallways, basements, workplace bathrooms ect. And all their services are mostly free with the exception of a few Lunches, and DD Coffee.
A. What the hell is that smell?
B. Eww! That's this dude, man, he just got back from seeing one of his Side-Whores.

Nah, I would never leave him/her for you, your just a Side-Whore.

Don't get it twisted, I'm not cheating on you with your cousin, you can't cheat on a Side-Whore.

A. (Talking to Receptionist at work), If My Wife/Husband calls me tell them I'm with a customer, if the Boss asks where I am, tell him I went to pick up my Kids from School.
B. Where you going?
A. To go see my Side-Whore.
by WeAre1 December 02, 2010