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1. The non-main people/persons you are having sexual/romantic relations with. (The opposite of a Main Squeeze)
My main girl works on the weekends, so you know I be hittin up my Side Squeeze on Saturday and Sundays for a little lovin.
#side squeeze #side girl #sex on the side #squeeze #sex #weekend
by whitecocobellaestella May 17, 2011
Derived from "main squeeze" meaning the person you most frequently have relations with. Therefore. this person is not your "Main Squeeze" but your "Side Squeeze." Could also be derived from "Getting some on the side."
Bob's wife Terri was not thrilled to find out about his "Side Squeeze," Samantha.
#cheating #squeze #unfaithful #cheater #side
by gregsky October 05, 2009
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