One of the sexiest men, in my opinion. Sid Vicious is proof of what punk really is.
Sex Pistols
by Mrs.Vicious November 23, 2004
A convienent way to remember Spanish pronoun grammar.

S / I / D / V
Subject / Indirect Object / Direct Object / Verb

Seriously, we learned it in school.
No.. You conjugated it all wrong. Put the subject in the beginning and the verb at the end... Sid vicious man! Duh!
by Niok May 23, 2004
A man who is given all the credit for the Sex Pistols. He was the "bassist." People only care about him because he "lived crazy" and died, probably killing his girlfriend. pseudo-punk girls think he's "hawt" and are the only Sex Pistols member that they know of. I don't really get why he was in the band. He couldn't play his instrument. Please kids, give some credit to Johnny Rotten.
The Sex Pistols weren't the first punk band anyway. They also weren't all that great.
by Chokey May 15, 2005
A really Bad singer/Bassist from the 70's Punk Band The Sex Pistols who was aressted for killing his ugly girl nancy
I love the song My Way by Sid Vicious
by Steph April 20, 2005
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