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A convienent way to remember Spanish pronoun grammar.

S / I / D / V
Subject / Indirect Object / Direct Object / Verb

Seriously, we learned it in school.
No.. You conjugated it all wrong. Put the subject in the beginning and the verb at the end... Sid vicious man! Duh!
by Niok May 23, 2004
sid vicious was a baby boy inside.he was shy and very dependant on his love,nancy.he loved her very much and only killed her because she pushed him,heroin is no good sid!
"ill never look like barbie!!<nancy>"hey what you say you come help me do theese dishes"<sid> "what did you say?"<nancy>
by wabbit June 13, 2004
I forgot to mention....
His real name is John Simon Ritchie,
'Sid' was the name of Johnny Rottens hamster(Sidney)
by StraightEdge RivetBitch October 17, 2003
One of the sexiest men, in my opinion. Sid Vicious is proof of what punk really is.
Sex Pistols
by Mrs.Vicious November 23, 2004
A really Bad singer/Bassist from the 70's Punk Band The Sex Pistols who was aressted for killing his ugly girl nancy
I love the song My Way by Sid Vicious
by Steph April 20, 2005