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two or more black people that always repeat the exact or almost all of the all of the sentence the previous one said. This pertains to jokes as well.
Tyquan: Yo nigga, that bud was good as shit.

Sha'Riquanice: Nigga, that bud was good as fuck.

Tyquan: Shut up you nappy headed bitch.

Sha'Riquanice: You the nappy headed bitch.

Tyquan: How you sound right now?

Sha'Riquanice: Nigga. You trippin. How you sound nigga?

Tyquan: Ight den.

Sha'Riquanice: Ight den.

White Guy Overhearing: Fucking Siamese Nigs. I'll tell you how you sound. Fucking retarded. Thats how you sound.
by D Siegs August 23, 2010