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Shush and or hush, means yes or you are accepting something.
"Do you want some ice cream?"
"Here ya' go!"
by AnonMoose February 19, 2012
8 17
used to tell someone to "be quiet" in a nice way other than to "shut up".
"would you please shush!"
by lisa May 08, 2003
180 29
Used to tell someone to shut up.
shush up before i kick your ass
by Bill May 16, 2003
107 42
when someone is being silly,
and you want them to shutup
strange boy: im gay
cool person: shush
by zoe zoe zoe zoe zoe March 13, 2009
38 40
A persian word meaning piss
miram shush konam
im gonna take a piss
by Seeeeena September 09, 2011
13 21
**PRONOUNCED sh - oo - sh, NOT sh- uh - sh**

A shush is a really cute thing that is just so cute that you cannot even think of a word to use for it besides shush. There are currently two shushes that exist in the world, but it is not impossible to become a shush if one tries really hard and/or is cute enough. There is a song by The Gorillaz called "19-2000" that depicts the "Shush" lifestyle. Shushes have been known to speak in a baby-ish voice.
Girl #1: Your puppy is so cute!

Girl #2: Oh my gosh! I might even go as far as saying it is as cute as a shush...

(Shush walks in)
Shush: one is cuter den da shushes...

Girl #1 and #2: Oh...
by m_toad527 August 31, 2010
12 35
to tell somebody to shut the fuck up come from the greek shusssh
would you like a childrens portion of shush?
by hermon March 08, 2005
26 57