When someone shouts something but they mumble the words.

A loud mumble

When someone is too drunk, dispirited or lazy to pronounce the words but still need to shout in order to be heard
When someone is selling the paper on the street and they shumble the name of it : 'Eeeeiiiiiin hhhzet'(to mean evening gazette)

When being asked from another room if you want a beer etc, replying with a shumble: 'yehhhi'llaahabeer'
by Gavski (Gav W) November 30, 2006
Top Definition
A boy who has a jew-fro and thinks he is cool when he is actually lame. A "Shumbles" commonly gets expelled from school.
"Hey who was that guy smoking pot behind the shed?"
"I dunno, I saw his hair though, he's definitely a Shumbles"
by draug May 27, 2009
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