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The act of cutting off the Shudra Penis. Due to the vast size differential between the Aryan Penis & the Dravidian Penis, Aryan males have traditionally developed various forms of Shudra Penis Envy & an obsession with the size & power of the Shudra Penis. Envious of Aryan female sexual preference for the Shudra male, Aryan law-makers prescribed harsh punishments to prevent the Dravidianization of Aryan women, stop Inter-Caste Sex & preserve the caste system. The most severe of these, & consequently proof of the most deep-rooted Shudra Penis Envy, is Shudra Penis Amputation, which is widely prescribed in Brahmin-Aryan scriptures.

Thus, "(B) The Gautama Dharma Sutra says: `If (the Shudra) has criminal intercourse with an Aryan woman, his organ shall be cut off & all his property be confiscated. If (the woman had) a protector (i.e., she was under the guardian-ship of some person) he (the Shudra) shall be executed after having undergone the punishments prescribed above.' {f83. 5 Chapter XII, Sutras 2-3.}" (Who were the Shudras ? Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Bombay, 1946. Pt.1,ch.3, sec.II.ix)

Furthermore, Manu Smrti, the law-book of the Brahmanic Dark Ages, notes, "(C) The Manu Smriti says: ... `A Shudra cohabiting with a woman of twice-born castes, whether she be guarded or not guarded, is (to be) deprived
of his member & of all his property if she be not guarded & of everything if she is guarded.' {f85. 7 Ch. VIII, Verse
374.}" (ibid.)
1. The Pahari Brahmins of Nepal enforced strict Shudra Penis Amputation for Shudras who Dravidianized Brahmin women: "In Nepal, the only Hindu state in the world ... {f}or instance, there was a legal provision during Malla period to cut Shudra's penis, force him to eat it & get him butchered by chandals ('murderers') on charge of having sexual intercourse with a Brahmin woman. " -{ `Human Rights Year Book 1993,' Appendix 1, `Untouchables in Nepal,' Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), Kathmandu, Nepal;}
2. In Confederate America, Negro Penis Envy, closely related to Shudra Penis Envy, had a similar effect
on punishments meted out to Negroes having interracial sex with Anglo-Saxon women: "And the Brahman
punishment for a black man having intercourse with an Aryan woman - having his sexual organs cut off, & burning
alive - is also not unknown in Dixie, though happily never codified into law." ("The Negroes of India", Harry
Paxton Howard, The Crisis {NAACP, N.Y.} (Dec. 1942), p.377-8, p.392-3)
3. Chota: Burra Miyan, you should see the way our Aryan-Muslim Orats chase those Shudras! I just saw 5 Orats - each was with a Kala!
Burra: Chota Miyan, they like those Kalloos because they have such huge penises!
Chota: Do something!
Burra: Like?
Chota: Enforce a Brahmanic caste system!
Burra: Won't be enough. We'll also have to enforce Shudra Penis Amputation!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 18, 2010
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