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A person who is undeniably awesome and amazing. He's loved by all and is nice to everyone. A complete charismatic stud.
He's such a nice guy, a total shubham.
by schmexiness March 23, 2012
32 22
The person who is everywhere. Has many friends and tends to get along with alot of people. Loves the love life and all its excitments. Very good at making love. This person is very trustful and responsibal.
Shubham is the kid you want to be.
by The Hevans Above February 22, 2010
161 76
Someone who is Pure and Pious, auspicious for special occasions such as prayers etc.
"Shubham Deepawali" means Happy Deepawali
by virtuous person September 23, 2007
188 151
A complete stud. A very charismatic and intelligent person.
Man, he is such a Shubham.

I wish I was Shubham
by priyanka_coolgirl June 18, 2011
49 34
The good end. Can also be explained as the ultimate good aim or the best thing that can ever happen to an individual. Its also the epitome of Nirvana or salvation.
She was so beautiful, touching her was almost like shubham.
by takshi May 13, 2011
41 27
A reference to a fucking asshole.
You just pulled off a shubham.
by darth June 05, 2005
270 256
A jerk who loves his girl but doesn't really now how to express it and hurts her all the time.
You shouldn't date him, his ex-girlfriend told me he was an absolute Shubham.
by Dakota9909 October 13, 2013
14 23