noun (shpohung-ul) Possibly the best Psytrance/Goa band ever. They consist of two members: Raja Ram and Simon Posford. They are heavily influenced by world music, which Raja Ram is in charge of bringing, often recording flute lines etc and then having them edited and added to by Posford's technical genius.
Posford by himself is simply known as Hallucinagen, which is good, but not nearly as well done as Shpongle.

Please don't use the word in a obscene way.
The band have three albums, and have announced that that is all from them. Of the three albums (Are you Shpongled?, Tales of the Inexpressible and Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost), their last is said to be the pinnacle of trance amazingness. It sounds more like one huge anthem rather than an album, with only two (apparently) external samples, proving that they really do have talent.
Ted: You wanna go see Shpongle tonight?
Bill: No, sorry man, I've got an assignment to be doing.
Ted: Fair enough. See you tomorrow.
Bill: Aww, fuck it, I'll come.
Ted: Excellent. Bring beer.
Bill: I thought you had loads.
Ted: I do, but everyone's bringing some.
Bill: Oh... wicked. ...Carling ok?
by Josh Turnbull September 25, 2006
Top Definition
To be shpongled is to be kippered, mashed, smashed, destroyed


also a good trance band
"I'm feeling very shpongled.
Smashed,mashed, completely geschtonkenflapped.

To be shpongled is to be kippered, mashed, smashed, destroyed


Feel so smooth.....Everything tingling
" shpongle - room 23
by saucy von autofleisch October 17, 2003
The best band in the entire universe.
If you don't like them you are retarded.
by sup March 13, 2005
An electronic music group specializing in the arts of musical composition, particularly of the psychedelic chillout genre.
A circular vortex is spinning, Are You Shpongled?
by A modest user July 09, 2006
n. the male member
Jon was angry at Tim and slapped him with his own shpongle.
by Mad Hattr January 13, 2003
The fluid that comes out of your dick when you take a piss right after jizzing. A mixture of piss and cum.
I pulled out of my girl and went to send a stream into the bowl and this weird lookin shpongle came out.
by Falken January 16, 2003
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