A non-human creature who takes the form of an indian-american who does not exert emotion and tends to make people feel bad about themselves through earnest reasoning... It's not what he says that makes you feel bad and then steals your confidence and then feeds on your misery, its how he says it to you.
Guy 1: your a terrorist
Shovon: I was born in India... 3000 miles away from the towel heads.
by VelocityRaptor October 18, 2010
Top Definition
Usually dark skinned and nerdy. Usually originates from South East Asia. Turns up sweaty and bothered. A quiet person who likes to listen to conversations rather than contribute. Shy and doesn't look people in the eye when talking. Hesitates when doing so.

Generally used word when one acts like the above.
Hey whats wrong man? You're acting like a Shovon
by Gabawabashabamabahaba November 08, 2010
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