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When a person sends out a text to multiple people in the hopes that it "hits" one of them.
I went shotgun texting today. I sent "hi" to 4 people and only 1 responded back!
by Chris53456 May 26, 2009
To send a huge text message all at once, resulting in text messages being split in to parts. at the other end those parts, often come in all jumbled up and fills the cell phone screen.

Sometimes not all the "parts" get through — "hits the target"
Long winded shotgun message (100 characters or so)

Receiver sees:
Part 2/3 section of long winded message...
Part 3/3 section of long winded message...
Part 1/3 section of long winded message...

Receiver responds,
Whoa dude! machine gun texting might be annoying, but shotgun texting is not much better. It's all mixed up.
by cdpage January 06, 2012
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