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When approaching a vehicle (of any size or shape) a second or third party may yell "Shotgun for infinity". This grants the SFIer with a 12 hour rein of Shotgun.

-This call out masks any previous regular "shotgun"

- If the second person is already in the vehicle when another is picked up the shotgun for infinity can only be called once the vehicle becomes in sight in the next approach.

- If any one breaks "Shotgun for infinity" they are fully accepting being periodically punched by both back seat passengers and the driver.

-They also assume payment of any coffee run or first round at the bar/club/lounge.

- Violation is also in direct violation of the Bro Code.
As Tim and bob approached Marc's car, Tim yelled "Shotgun For Infinity" This allowed him front seat access for 12 hours....

Bob pushed Tim and took front seat. He ended up having no feeling in his left arm and also was not able to pick up any girls at the club because he violated bro code.

Maria's boyfriend called "Shotgun" in her car, but when his friend Michael joined them at the mall he called "Shotgun for infinity".... Maria's boyfriend then watched from the backseat as Maria flirted with Michael, later getting knocked up by Mike's cock.
by Brozilla13 November 28, 2011
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