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One who smokes marijuana regularly and is constantly in a dazed state of non-remembrance and forgetfulness. Some consider shot ass to be a synonym for the word stoner, but this is not the case. All shot asses are indeed stoner's, but contrary to popular belief, all stoner's are not shot asses. A stoner is defined as one who smokes a ton of weed but is not necessarily always under the influence of marijuana. A shot ass on the other hand never allows himself to fully reach a state of sobriety and will constantly be seen puffing on joints or stealthily smoking in the school bathroom to keep their buzz going strong.
John: Where's Josh man? I saw him in first period
Mike: He left out the gym entrance, he's totally baking
John: What a shot ass

Teacher: If you don't label your papers with the date you won't be receiving credit.
Stoner: you dave, what's the date man
Dave: It's the 6th bro
Stoner: Of what month?
Dave: August you dumbass
Stoner: What's the number for august man?
Dave: 8 you fuckin shot ass
by Fuzzadelic August 06, 2011
A person who is always under the influence of marijuana. The local stoner. Similar to Shot fuck.
"He's always high and is such a stoner!"
"Tah, shotass!"
by Big C My Friends September 27, 2009
Someone who smokes generous amounts of weed, marijuana, etc. on a regular basis
Bob Marley was called a shot ass all the time by his friends.
by Too Much Fun June 02, 2011
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