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A dangerous game where the designated driver(s) only drink 3 drinks all night. The game starts right before everyone leaves for their first destination. The driver(s) each do 3 shots of their choice and then eveyone piles into the car and heads to their destination. It's a race against time and the driver's liver... Will he/she get everyone to their destination before the shots kick in? So risky, so fun!
Dan hates being the designated driver, so to spice things up Mike suggest he play Shot Roulette before they head to the clubs.
by I am not "The Gay" October 14, 2011
To play a drinking game based on First, two or more people log onto chatroulette. Then, anytime anybody gets a video of naked girls, everybody else does a shot. Also, if you get a cock on your screen, you do a shot.
Person A: Lets play shot roulette!

Person B: Fuck yeah!!!
by Jesus H. Christ, Jr. March 27, 2010

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