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Quite possibly the most contreversial high school in the country. Was designed for Lutheran education and yet 85% of its students seem no different than many atheists at public school systems.

No matter what there's always something terribly wrong at the school. So at the least it is far from boring, yet also extremely far from any place that you'd actually WANT to be. For some people it's quite alright, but for others it is possibly the worst school in the world.

I personally wouldn't mind if it was burned to the ground to never be heard from again, although I do speak for myself and not others. On a final note it has the LAMEST mascot I have ever seen, hands down. I'd even take the Nittany Lions over it!
Student 1: I hate this school, I hate everyone here, I'm so transferring A.S.A.P. Besides, who the hell is a PACER???

Student 2: Wow this place is a dump, but I don't mind it here.

Student 3: Yay, God! Yay, Shoreland! Mmm.. 30 on my ACT.

Myself: The minority I will go, away from all you hoes. Ay Ho! What'd ya know, Shoreland really blows!
by the_one_the_only_not_jet_li August 02, 2006

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