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An alternate form of basketball, commonly used by matronly elders.
You see Billy this is exactly why you ain't goin' to go play no Shooty Hoops wif' yo' friends tommorow.
by Bobsquad3 October 30, 2009
One is playing Basketball in a very, very suburban white way.
Kyle is sinking 3's in Shootyhoops. He would be a much better player if he could just dunk.
by Dabutt March 16, 2010
The sport of throwing/tossing paper balls, cheetos, or any small object into the hood of somebody's hoody.

It is nearly played exactly like basketball, just without the need to dribble. Slam Dunks are illegal. However, that just makes them the more fun to do.
"Dude, we just had the most extreme game of Shooty Hoops during homeroom!"
by Sagachu, Gr33N March 14, 2010
When a bunch of dorky middle/upper middle class white people play arcade basketball.
Dude, did you see Kevin the accountant playing shooty hoops last night?

Yeah bro, he was balling. I bet him a couple longnecks I'd win. I failed epicly.
by nfseminole May 06, 2014

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