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A woman who does shocking things to get attention.

Just like a dj who says/does things to get ratings or get a rise out of people, it's like that.

It's a sub-category of being an attention whore. She is needy, she is unsettled, she doesnt know what she wants in life, so instead, she gets off on wanting to shock her friends/family to get the much need sympathy she craves and deserves. she wants someone to bail her out of her doldrums.

The source of this behavior comes from not getting the attention she wanted/needed from her dad during the ages of 12-16.

Our shock whore would not only get a crack-tat, she would get the tat IN her crack.
"Just look at what Tiffany is up to now. She is dating a black man just to piss off her dad. What a Shock Whore."
by Dating Tips for Men April 30, 2008
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