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shnarf-(v)- to hit, hurt, or injur somone or something
im funna shnarf you in da fo'head if you dont get ya greasy fried chicken hands off my boo nukka
by boxerboy137 July 07, 2006
5 26
it can mean anything you want it to mean
if you see a fine specimen of manhood you can say "shnarf!"
by mojo raar May 09, 2005
89 52
A improperly used version of the term "Snarf" which refers to the small fluffy cat from from 80's television show "ThunderCats" that would commonly say his name. Shnarf is said when someone would commonly laugh and is usually purposely implied to something that is considered idiotic or obnoxious.
For those times when words like 69 appear, there are douche bags that will instinctively mutter "Shnarf" under their breathe. These people will without question say "Shnarf" under any circumstance.
P.S. cirCUMstance...Shnarf.
by MoFo94 February 05, 2010
41 15
A race of intelligent cat-like creatures, Snarfs are plump, fuzzy and kind. Snarf are known to end their sentences with the phrase, "snarf, snarf!" Can be used as an exclamaition or just a random word at the end of the scentence.
"The terrorists attacked, Shnarf!!"
"What's that Shnarf Shnarf"
by Frommie lad! March 01, 2008
39 36
When one farts and sniffs it all up before anyone else smells it
I Shnarfed during a meeting with my boss
by KushMaster6996 January 18, 2012
1 5
1-when discribing a womans beauty.
2-discribes stupidity amongst peers.
3-replacement for the word fuck.
4-something that is simply amazing.
shes shnarfy (hot/banging).
i want to shnarf (fuck) the shit out of her/him.
what a shnarfy shnarf (fucking idiot)
we got shnarfed (fucked) in atlantic city.
what a shnarfy(beautiful) day!
shnarf shnarfy shnarf shnarf shnarf (what every u want it to mean who gives a fuk!)
by grkgodny March 23, 2010
9 13
Snharf is a complex word. It is mainly an interchangeable noun, adjective and verb with the word "fuck." It can mean anything from poop, to piss, to a cow with a urinary tract infection. It all depends on how YOU feel like using it. The word is pronounce Shh-narf with a short a.
That was the luckiest shnarfin' grenade ever.

I just shnarfed you so hard.

Eat shnarf and die, kid.

What the shnarf just happened???

We were shnarfin' in the back of my grandma's car.

by Theoryyy June 25, 2009
15 19
someone who blows instead of sucks through a bong. thus getting the substance all wet.
COOL, thanks for shnarfing our bowl for us!

that jake kid is a shnarf
by Shnnnaarrff May 26, 2010
7 16