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Alteration of the word "Shit".

Can be used instead of Shit, so as not to offend anyone.
WTF? Cold toco meat...I hate that Shmit!

Toco Bell makes me shmit....
by Juggers November 24, 2004
Shmit/Shmittie :A specimen of the female sex that is in a higher class of looks than the average girl. A Shmit can usually be seen staring at you in a manor that says "I want to perform falacio on you." Shmits can also be seen wearing Uggs,leggings and/or other Shmit attire. In lamens terms, a Shmit is a hot girl who looks like a good fuck.
I can't have any grenades tonight bro, I need some grade A shmits!
by hapoeltelaviv November 07, 2010