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The king of shkomping and impregnating much younger girls
A lad who acts like a middle aged suburban father but is capable of many schenanigans on a daily basis
The son of the great Papa Shmave
One who is ridiculously bitch blown
One who engages in the act of shmaving around regularly
One who is not really a fan of peanut butter in the butthole
One who is completely unsatisfied by only getting his hand down a girl's pants
Joey is such a shmave, last week he took an 8th grader to a steak house after getting his hand down her pants and then proceeded to impregnate her after she tried to apply peanut butter to his butthole.
by theshmaveryofitall September 28, 2012
6 0
1) the use of a, um...
2) i got nothin
3) ok shmavid... the literal term to act insensitive (yea, it's a fuckin verb now)
4) to act in a slumberous manner or stature
5) long hiared hippie most noted for his hippie lair, quite a place
6) know for art dabbling and music meandering
1)to shmave around the house
2) just a shmave
3) look at him he's totally shmaving his balls off
4) you gotta be shmaving me!

by shmave August 10, 2008
2 15