1.a fat, disgusting, smelly, dirty, or disease infected female

2.Gross whore
Did you see that shlop that just walked passed? She had to weigh damn near 400 pounds!

That bitch is such a shlop, she fucked everyone at my lunch table!
by c523bb January 28, 2009
Top Definition
The physical form of sexual intercourse/oral sex. The origin of the word derives from the sound sex makes, or "shlop."
"Dude, I fuckin' shlopped two beeshes last night. It was insane."

"I was so smacked last night, I didn't even know I was shlopping this beesh."

Walt Wittman beeshes love the shlop
by Willfurcat February 06, 2008
When a person takes a bite of food and then takes a drink of fluids to help mush it up into a 'shlop' before swallowing.
John takes a bite of his burger and then stuffs a couple of chips in his mouth and then drinks his coke. With it all in his mouth he resumes chewing then swollows.
Davy comments "like a bit of Shlop do we?"
by GelXsurf April 03, 2013
The term for inviting a girl into the shower with you.
"The water is warm. Do you wanna shlop in with me?"
by Itsjerbear November 27, 2015
The act of being drunk and stupid
Is there gonna be beer at the party? Because I want to get so shlops tonight
by Hab3m October 06, 2005
The Bumps on your knees
by Lily Shields September 07, 2008
Pronunciation: /shhh-L0p/
function: verb
date: 14th century
1:the evacuation of more or lest fluid feces
2: taking a wet, nasty dump
Hey, d00d, i shloped all over that wall man.

i need to go home, i shloped in my skirt.

you know sometimes my toilet just cant handle my shloping.

pardon my sudden absence ive been having some explosive diarrhea. Tomson, your bathroom is now covered in my shlop.
by shlopotron24 August 01, 2010

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