A shlome is a slow, stupid individual. Shlomes don't always understand jokes. They are sweethearts, but they are dorks. A shlome is quite literally, a "slow homie." They're your friend, but they're slow. They may also be referred to as "shlomers."
"I tried to hint to my buddy that he was embarrassing himself, but he wasn't getting the message."
"Yeah, he's such a shlome."

"She's my girl and I love her, but she can be so thick!"
"Aww, she's a total shlomer!"
by Ln(x-20) March 30, 2010
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The act of taking a huge shit, right after you eat.
"Daniel I just took the fattest Shlome right after Chipotle...it burned a little bit"
by UNCLE SHLOME June 16, 2012

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