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Pronounced: shl-o-pa

The word 'shlogpper' comes from to words: Slut and Whopper.

It is an offensive term used insult a female who is a whopper (fat) and a slut too.

It is not to be used directly rather indirectly. e.g. If a 'shlogpper' is walking across the playground and you are not alone you would yell inconspicuously 'awwwwww shlogpper' and the people you are with will find it rather funny.

Use directly at your own will.
Shlogpper walks past canteen with her miniskirt.
Paul: Awwwwww shlogpper!
by hj195 June 10, 2010

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Derived from the two words 'Slut' and 'Whopper'.

An offensive term used to insult a large overweight female who gets around.
Awwwww shlogpper!!
by thatmaxguy123 June 09, 2010