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1. A word used in replacement of "Shit"

2. A word used to mean basically anything if the user is too slack to say it

3. The word used by black african rappers to describe almost anything

4. The correct response to a Jewish pixie breaking into your house and yelling "Cunt Rappa!"
A: Could you please rate my new facebook update?
B: Man that is Shizfresh!

A: Hey Dan, wazzup?
B: Ah, just sitting on the old shizfresh, drinking some of that shizfresh your wife made

A: Yo slappa, what be that beat?
B: That's my fuckin' shizfresh new sound!
A: Sounds a little shizfresh to be honest.

(A=jewpixie enters) A: Cunt Rappa!
B: Shizfresh!
A: Damn fine! (exits)


(A=jewpixie enters) A: Cunt Rappa
B: Shinguard?
A: No, fucka! (pixie obliterates soul)
by Sacktracker7 May 21, 2010
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