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A shithole school in Southern California where everybody looks the same, dresses the same, acts the same and shit talks any one who doesn't. Infested with sluts, stupid trendy kids, assholes and paper gangsters. The shitty teachers give you F's even if you do all of your work and come in every day. Also full of poser cholas who are always saying "Oooh, that girl gave me a funny look, I whoop her ass, eh?" If you refuse to bow down to the popular kids, you'll have your ass kicked and you won't have a life until you fucking leave the shithole. The principal's a bitch and it's impossible to be happy here unless you're a fucking psycho. Buncha fat ass motherfucking bitchfaces.
Johnny:"Hey, have you been to Shivela Middle School?"

Derek: "Yeahhhh man, I left that shit palace, too many fucking sluts with 4 inches of makeup"
by TheMotherfuckingPrincess May 08, 2011
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