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When it is late at night, and you can't call out to anyone, or no one is home and you take a dump and there is hardly any toliet paper left, and you try to use the last little bit and you get shit all over your fingers.
Guy: Man got no toliet paper left!
Guy: Man, got shitty fingers.
by Durek October 09, 2006
The result of the process of removing a condom after having anal intercourse with a female, or if you're into it, a male, partner.
Dave got shitty fingers after fucking some chick up the ass in St. Louis.
this is what someone who fingers their own arsehole has.
jonny get ur shitty fingers away from me you fucking 12 year old shagger
by ciarab June 02, 2005
When someone fingers your asshole and its brown from poop.
ew.i fingered her asshole and got shitty fingers,
by amanda357454 January 12, 2009

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