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From the latin word (shititous). The most foul smelling, looking, and tasting shit that one might ever see.
A shit that stands alone before all other shits.
Is my ass in so much pain because of that shitty doo or that hot night I had with Matt.
by Patrick December 09, 2004
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the act of a threesome involving to male participants. The two male shove it up the ass while they're shitting and then both tag team the girl in the left nostril and her right ear at the same time.
"Dude come over and try that shitty doo"
"i got sitty doo-ed last night"
"Chelsey liked that shitty doo last night."
"Your shitty doos make me hear better"
"Shitty doos are you specialty Mister Rogers, hows your neighborhood?"
by SexKitten69 October 30, 2007
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