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White trash wannabe white rapper that you find in the South.
People in the South.

Person 1: Look at that wigger. All he does is drink Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Person 2: He's a Shitty G.

Redneck: Herpaderp.
by iCr34t1v3 December 24, 2011
A Shitty G is two things:

1: A character from a song from Yourfavoritemartian (Ray William Johnson)

2: A Shitty G is a Hill-billy who thinks they are the best of the best.
Random YouTuber 1: My least favorite character of Yourfavoritemartian characters is Shitty G.
Random YouTuber 2: Yeah, me too.

Friend 1: Hey dude, look at that Shitty G!
Friend 2: Yeah. I hate how he thinks he is SOOO cool!
by Littlemandude11 December 21, 2011
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