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Shitting your head out of your ass could refer to three things, either;
A, being so mad your head jets out of your ass;
B, wasting your time trying to shit your head out of your ass;
C, an incredible feat, such as lifting a car, watching a whole episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and laughing at it atleast twice, or beating up Chuck Norris.
A, "If I have to sit next to that bitch named Sophie AGAIN this year, I'm totally going to shit my head out of my ass.."
B, "World of Warcraft is like trying to shit your head out of your ass,"
and C, "Dude! What are you doing?!"
Dude- " I'm trying to make a myspace video of me shitting my head out my ass!"
"Shitting your head out of your ass?!"
Dude- "Shitting your head out of your ass."
by Nate LOWRIE! August 29, 2007
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