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The most recent (retail release in January of 2007) operating system produced by a large, well known and incompetent software company - also known as Microshite. Prone to the usual stupidities and incompetencies that this company are renowned for churning out. As the food is to 'MacDonalds' they represent the same for software - lowest common denominator, also known as Garbageware or nuffware.
An unfortunate who uses MS product (or is forced to, due to the platform used in the workplace): "....just loaded the latest version of Microshites OS, and it's really giving me the Shitsta!"

" this Shitsta is real 'dogware', just keeps crashing and screwing up my data, who's the 'Nuffer' that made this crap anyway!...."

", BG gives the Shitsta to the world, as his departing gift upon leaving Microshite..."
by Dr Yort June 12, 2008
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