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Shitapedia is Wikipedia.

Known as the website that "anyone" can edit. When "anyone" means "anyone" that has no agenda, loves Obama, is not a Republican, Libertarian, Moderate Conservative, Moderate Liberal or an Independant.

"Anyone" also means everyone in the world except for people that work for Wikipedia or people that don't agree with Wikipedia's bias.

Shitapedia is a website that puts at the top of every page belonging to a non-liberal large amounts of unfriendly information, most likely under a large font titled section called "Controversies".

On a liberal's page, anything untoward that person did is buried many, many paragraphs down probably not under any kind of header or special section. Writers then tend to use phrases like, "This person came under fire from fundamental Christian groups and racist white supremacist groups for his role in (insert controversy here). Then writers offer large amounts of explanations for this person's discretion...never let a Liberal hang in the breeze, thus spoke Shitapedia.
Person: I was reading some things about George Bush...and at the top of his page, there's a whole bunch of bad stuff about him. Really makes him look like a bad guy! So, knowing that Obama is facing a lot of controversy as well, I looked at his page and I couldn't find anything mentioning what he's done! Is that on purpose? I won't even get INTO their page on Sarah Palin!

Other Person: Dude, it's Shitapedia. Don't use it, use other websites..
by Comic Nut January 08, 2011
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