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Formerly SW 2011 or Shitwatch 2011. An underground Facebook group which is dedicated to sharing their shit. Some upload pictures while others just name their turds after politicians or friends....
ShitWatch! ...
I just shit a brick ... (picture please)
Tadpole... fail! (little shit)
Hyperion Flush (out for recycling)
Long Beach roller... hear the splash, Drop Turd.
Had to Log out... in my pants (rush job)
Vienna Sausage and a corn kernel.. (fail)
McNuggets... Fail!
Bon Bons... by the bowl... (little balls of shit)
by cheapsuit December 21, 2011
When you are caught taking a shit, on surprise or on purpose.
I got shitwatched yesterday by Vivian
by PikachuFucker October 25, 2009
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