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Someone who enjoys creating shit (problems). Someone who enjoys creating trouble for other people. Someone who enjoys watching other people fight.
Jesse told me you said I was a liar.
Don't listen to him, he's a shit monger.
by Kconnor56 July 11, 2010
One who mongs in shit, who is surrounded by shit, and possibly they are shit too.
My good sir, you are a ShitMonger.
by Markle February 26, 2003
someone who enjoys "mongering" shit. They enjoy hoarding it and/or eatting the shit.

A Diss
the act of calling someone a shit monger.
ex 1.Dude look how dirty that guy is. you can tell all he does is like to monger shit.

ex2. guy1- your mom has a dirty gunt
guy2- fuck you your such a dirty shit monger.
by Shitties May 03, 2009
A person who mongs shit.
Jackie:Fuck off, shit monger.
Salesman:But I'm selling douches.
Jackie:Go mong some more shit, shit monger.
by anal douche September 14, 2003
ShitMonger is a independent record label and production company out of Minneapolis, MN. It has been in operation since 1996. It has put out releases official, DIY CD-rs, and internet releases for off kilter hip-hop, rock, blues, bluegrass and metal bands in Minnesota and California.

P?M: Bluegrass Madness
First Communion Afterparty
Ape Lust
Cock Plyers
ShitMonger puts out some crazy tunes.
by Murderapolis September 13, 2007
1. Someone who obsseses over shit.

2. A fun curse used when in doubt.
Shes one bitching shit monger!
by Zoloft July 25, 2004
A shitmonger is a small hairless cat that keeps it's mouth open and forms the shape of a toilet.

Similar to a venus flytrap, however instead waits for a human to sit down to take a shit.
Look out for the shitmonger.
by Travis Easton, Julian King March 23, 2004