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A person of the male or female variety who throws extreme amounts of bullshit your way. This person is usually shady as fuck and should be avoided at all costs. This could range from your coworker who swears they didn't take your moms homemade lasagna out the break room refrigerator to that crack head crazy bitch you used to know in highschool.
That shady muckalucka Jessica is such a shit slinger; she's always on some bullshit.

That bitch LaQueeshah is a class A shitslinger. Everybody in this motherfuckin salon knows that weave ain't no real 100% human hair.
by Julie da broke bitch Savage June 14, 2013
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The cause of a vehicle slinging shit or similar alternatives on farms or in other places were theres loads of shit.
That fucking Billy using his damn shit slinger Truck throwing that shit on us.
by Quentin_B February 15, 2007
One who rolls their feces into litte balls and shoots them out of a slingshot.
"Leik omg! I shot u in the hed liek 7 times!!!"

"stfu shitslinger!"
by T-Man April 08, 2005

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