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1) A towel used for wiping up messes such as puke, beer, milk, bong water, and when theres no toilet paper it is used to wipe your anus after defication.

2) The person who used the towel to wipe their shit when they were drunk as fuck and there was no toilet paper. Esp. a person whose name is Chantelle.

Dude, pass the shit towel, I spilled the rum.


jessika: "someone shit on my towel"
morgan: "wasn't me"
aj: "wasn't me"
jessika: "it must've been chantelle"
morgan: "yeah, she took a shit last night and there was no toilet paper"
by aleisterjoseph-P. August 09, 2009
A bag of soiled and used towels stored at the front entrance of buildings.
Yo man, why you have to elbow drop me on the shit towels, now i gotta clean my ass up!
by The Lift March 08, 2009
An old towel, sock, rag, or t-shirt that is used as a means of wiping one's ass when no toilet paper is available, often left in a pile in a bathroom closet for repeat use.
Dude, we're out of buttwipe. You'll have to use this shit-towel.
by Herman P. Willis October 16, 2006
An article of clothing, typically a sock, used to wipe ones ass after deficating and finding out there is no toilet paper.
I could not find any toliet paper so i took off my shoe and used my sock as a shit towel.
by coondude January 13, 2006
A towel used for drying things other than the body. Typically the things soaked up are disgusting (ie: beer, bong water, ass-sweat, puke, etc.) A towel is no longer considered a shit towel once it has been cleansed of filth.
"Don't put that shit towel on me! I saw it lying on your floor for the last two months. It used to be white!"
by Nozomu1001 June 11, 2006
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