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Being forced to accept an extremely unpleasant situation as part of a bargain.
I like Windows well enough, but I wish Microsoft wouldn't force-feed me that shit sandwich Internet Explorer along with it. It's a bloated memory hog and a security risk, and you can't even remove the damn thing.
by Logic316us April 08, 2008
A nickname used to refer to someone whose teeth are blackened at the gum line with decay.
Holy crap Keith, his mouth looks like he just finished a Shit Sandwich.
by Rebeckletits February 01, 2008
When someone has really bad breath that you can't ignore it or tell them in a polite manner of its foulness. So bad that not even 8 rolls of mentos could come near to making it fresh.
Wheeew! What the hell did you have for lunch today? A shit sandwich?
by Thunder, Thunder,Thundercunt August 21, 2007
What life is, and you have to deal with it.
Life's a shit sandwich, eat or starve.
by Jon Reed October 29, 2006
Having to put up with or bear a near intolerable situation
At channel 9 in Sydney:
This conversation was submitted to court in an affidavit by Mark Llewellyn.

Browne said: "We've got big plans for you at the network and Eddie and I think you are one of the real talents at Nine. This is therefore a difficult chat, because there is a shit sandwich you're going to be asked to swallow. We want to cut your pay to $400,000 and we want you to consider taking on one of two new positions."

I said: "That's some shit sandwich
by Kelpie67 July 02, 2006
1. Expression used for any bad situation or misfortune.
2. Phrase to be used anytime.
1. He ate a shit sandwich for stealing that car.
2. Man, I got the flu bad!
Shit sandwich!
by staccato brainstem February 14, 2005
Something someone may be said to eat if they were to:
1) fall unmercifully in a painful crash
2) lose miserably at a game or contest
3) fail terribly at an assigned task
1) Holy christ, that guy just ate a shit sandwich!
2) What Bill Buckner did for the Red Sox. Bill ate a shit sandwich.
3) The Repubclican guard feasted on shit sandwiches
by Anonymous April 10, 2003