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A meal commonly eaten by young men who live alone or with a male flatmate.

The "Platter" mainly consists of Birdseye and Bernard Matthews chicken/turkey products such as Chicken Dippers, Golden Drummers, Mini Kievs, Chicken Chargrills and the like.

The "Platter" is usually served with a side garnish of Onion Rings, Breaded Mushrooms and of course, chips/fries of your choice.
Alright Cornelius, I've had a proper shit day at work, what you having for dinner?

Just a couple of Golden Drummers, Chicken Dippers and Curly Fries, maybe a couple of other bits of delicious frozen meat covered in golden breadcrumbs.

Fuck me!! A you having a Shit Platter!!! Do us one as well please Geez!
by CaptainRyeboto March 04, 2009
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