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where you've had a really bad day and feel really grumpy.
normally you take it out on friends by shouting at them or blaming them.
some like to cry.
somebody just shat on my mums grave. this has been such a shitday.
or the dog ate my homework than shat it out on my pillow. this is going to be a shitday i can tell.
by Jake White February 05, 2008
Often occurring on a Sunday, a "Shit Day" is when your ass has been on backlog for a couple days and the bill has come due.

Basically, a day where you poop at least four times and its not diarrheal in nature.
Mike: Jen, you should totally come to the movies with us!

Jen: I can't. I haven't pooped in three days and I think this is gonna be a shit day.
by KingOfTheThunderBox September 13, 2010
A day in which we do not learn anything and spend money.
Steve told the team, "we can't afford a shit day."
by MrRipple March 25, 2014
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