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a term similar to "tit for tat" usually used in a competitive situation when the first player does badly and the next player has a chance to move ahead but does equally bad or worse than the first player.
We were bowling and Jim had two gutter balls, I was going to make him pay but I got 1 pin and a gutter ball, Shit for shat.
by mophisto July 21, 2011
1) Quid Pro Quo. A pun, or play on words of the phrase "Tit for Tat".
An exchange, trade, barter or agreement, where favors, or other like-valued things, ideas or services are exchanged for one another.

2) A retrospective bowl movement.
"Wow Bob, you get sexual favors, AND breakfast from this girl? All for fixing her malware-ridden computer?"
"Absolutely Tim, it's all shit for shat, after all."
by NCWookieHerder May 22, 2016
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