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see bullshit

see bollocks

retette ghewthojo epr tjw wiep rjwipr iopj wiofr wjelffioj wrlthgio jh uiiuuiorip we f sf o lsfd gl wdhfawregfui er ha ha ha
Person1: swrfe e ghip erwgho
Person2: shu wefh opuwieuoet w0e57883057 jkg kl;
Person3: eaw houo rd auageog!!!!

This is perhaps the best example of a SHIT definition, you have walked away learning nothing except that I am a cunt. Cuntraversally, many people post in SHIT no better than this. Down with the digital cunt! Down with the computing cunt! Down with ALL cunts!
by Willis McGee July 27, 2006
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