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The insertion of ones finger into a girls rectal orafice then without delay reinserting the same finger into her ear whilst twisting
The girl the other night was giving me so much smack I gave her a mean shit Willy
by King Danno of Eastern Europe June 30, 2009
A pussy who acts like he is someone special
That guy is such a stupid little shitwilly
by TheAnarchist August 25, 2007
1. shit willy (n.) -A form of horseplay in which a person sticks a finger into their ass and then into someone else's ear and twists rapidly for annoyance. The distant cousin of the "wet willy."

2. shit willy (n.) - Slang for a the sexual acts of having anal sex and then ear sex in close succession.

3. shit willy/shit willied (v.) - The act of giving someone a shit willy, whether it be from either definition.
1. Bryce gave me a noogie yesterday, so I waited until he was looking the other way, I stuck my finger up my butt and gave his ear a mean shit willy.

2. Me and her did the shit willy last night, so boy am I really sore and she is having trouble hearing.

3. I shit willied the hell out of her and gave her one mean ear infection. You know what they say, once you go black you go deaf.
by tinkerjax October 21, 2011

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