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In the fast paced world of recruitment nothing is more important than having access to an accurate data-base. However, a data-base can only ever be as accurate as the information that has originally been submitted.

Imagine that have spent hours working on behalf of a new client to search for the perfect candidate for a new position. You finally select someone who you feel is the perfect person for this new role and, having checked out their CV, contact the client to arrange an interview ...

The client is just as excited as you are and asks you to arrane an interview as soon as possible ... you check the database and then arrange an interview for them on Friday.

However, despite the data-base showing them to be free on Friday the candidate informs you that they are never free on a Friday due to family commitments. They also remind you that they mentioned this information to you when you asked them about their availabilty during their interview ...

The end result is that the potential long term booking is lost and the client decides to use the services of another recruitment consultant who works for a competitior.

A data-base is only as reliable as the information that has been entered in the first place. If you put shit in then you can guarantee that you will get shit out !!!
Dan: I've just told the client that they'll be there within ten minutes but it turns out that they'll actually be over an hour because they have to travel all the way there by bus.

James: But the system clearly says that they have their own transport ...

Dan: I know it does, I thought they did ... so that's what I typed in.

James: Well, you know what they say don't you?

Dan: What?

James: Shit In. Shit Out.
by The Playpen Anarchist July 11, 2011
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