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1) To be extremely shocked, startled, or otherwise amazed.

2) Another way of saying "get pissy"
1) When you see it, you'll shit brix.

2) My mom shat brix when I brought the car home with a flat tire.
#shit #bricks #mindfuck #wtf #omg
by GottiKid January 08, 2010
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"Shitbrix", "Shitbricks" or "Shitting bricks" is when you are suddenly startled or afraid...So afraid that you could "Shit a brick".

"Shitbrix" is also a website-
If a wasp suddenly buzzes past you, you may be suddenly terrified and shit a brick.

If you're watching a horror movie and something scary happens, you may scream and "Shit a brick"

If you visit the website and you find something creepy in the pic, you may go "Holy SHITBRIX!!!!"
#shitbricks #shitbrix #shat #shittingbrix #shittingbricks
by \/ Temari \/ September 19, 2009
you will be fucking amazed when you see ut
tim goes"you have to see my dirtbike jump"
john goes "why"
tim goes "you will shit brixs"
#shit #brixs #amazed #wow #dumb
by nil_turp August 27, 2009
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