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Self-explanatory - a beard-like coating of shit around one's chin and cheeks; usually self-induced
After Bobby chili dogged her, she shovelled it up into a shit beard and grinned.
by Tee Tee May 19, 2005
A person with dingleberries in their facial hair.
Hey! Shitbeard! Go to the back of the line!
by Sven June 30, 2003
1. Disastrous facial hair.

2. Phrase used as an expletive to describe the owner of said faical hair.

3. Aftermath of administering a rim job

See also: chin squig, bum fluff, bunting, goon features, W. G. Grace, Robin Cook, The Blunkett, Spinoza, crumpet head, croon muncher, toffee cheeks, Malcolm Glazer
John shouted at Nick 'Oi, Shit Beard! Shave you twat!' As Nick was the owner of a preposterous chin squig, he relented and consented, to much jubilation.
by Beans v The G May 18, 2005
Shit-beard - Noun
Shit-beard; when someones deposits poo particles in your beard.
Rob Doxey farted in Greg Jones beard whilst on a night out in Hereford thus depositing poo particles in his pubic chops. Thus Greg Jones is Shit-beard / a Shit-beard
by senor roberto of uplyme da 1st November 29, 2010
dirty, scraggly facial hair which is usually seen on adolescents who dress in black gothic clothes and think they know heavy music but listen to stuff like slipknot.
that kid needs to shave, that's a shit beard.
by Maytawn January 01, 2011
Homosexual act of wiping feces on your partners upper lip and chin right after the act of anal intercourse.
Damn that shit beard smelled after Rapp hit me with it.

I was shocked at the size of Zitsmans shit beard!
by Kelman August 26, 2007
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