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Synonymous with crap. Used when you feel like something went wrong. Not a very known word. No one knows the true meaning, so when asked what it is, you walk away, head hung low.
Fredrick: "Guess what Ryan!"

Ryan: "What?"

Fredrick: "Your girl, Maggie Florence was caught making out with Joseph Hemmings, last hour in Mr. Hendrick's class"

Ryan: "WHAT?! That's straight shindookie, yo. How could she--"

Fredrick: "What. On. Earth is 'shindookie', Ryan?"

Ryan: "Uh, how could you NOT know?"

Fredrick: "Call me stupid, but that's the first time I've EVER heard of that."

Ryan: "Stupid."

Fredrick: "Okay, you're so smart, tell me what it means..."

Ryan: "Um..."

Fredrick: "Um?"

Ryan: ::Phone rings:: "Um--Gotta take this, dude!"

Fredrick: "You're such an idiot."
::walks away::
by Goldenchick01753 October 23, 2008
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