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The best cup noodles. Yes, they are korean, but you have to admit: THEY ARE THE BEST.
How to eat Shin cup
1. Boil water
2. While boiling water, open the shin cup until the yellow line
3. take out soup powder
4. Shake soup powder until you are satisfied
5. pour soup powder into the shin cup
6. Pour boiling water until the incremented line inside the shin cup
7. wait 2 min
8. open lid fully
9. Fold the lid in half, and half again, then open it up like a bowl
10. Use METAL chopsticks to *inhale* noodles, using the lid as a spoon.
11. After finishing noodles, put rice inside the soup, and eat (can eat with kimchi)
12. Drink everything
DAYUM... that shin cup made my day :D
by The God... March 01, 2010
A Korean "Cup Noodles"-style instant noodles (frequently with a spicy flavor contained by a separate packet of a spicy soup base powder). Like any cup of instant noodles, it takes hot/boiling water and three (and a half) minutes of your life to make this simple cup of noodles.

Noted to be manufactured by Nong Shim (농심), a Korean food manufacturer.
This shin cup tastes spicy. Yes, it has soup and it's great with it!

by お疲れ様でした‮ August 23, 2007
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