Very much a man who is a great guy and fun to be around. He is very respectful of women and claims to be from alaska. He is very awesome to the max!!!
Here's a Shilo handshake: pull out your alaska - 'L' upside down and around to meet others Alaskas... This is a Shilo! :D
by Beary good friend w/my S-honey February 20, 2012
Top Definition
Is an adorable girl, that has the sweetest smile in the whole world.. Has the most super unique name that has ever been head! She is cute, smart, cool, sassy, and funny. She will always make you smile and laugh. There's nothing much to do but laugh and have fun, wWith a friend like Shilo around. If you know Shilo you are the luckiest person in the world.
I need some Shilo in my day.
by sjhb February 07, 2010
The Rastafarian word for one's girlfriend. Similar to the slang term of "Shorty."
Hey Shilo come and make a sexy time with me after hitting this fine ganja.
by Smokeyourherb February 14, 2007
Shilo, she is serious, hard to understand, protective of what she loves. She might be weird but people see that she is just unique in her way. she doesnt care about insults from anyone. and her bad ass attitude scares half the people here... all she wants is someone to love and shes found that someone and she will cherish him forever, even tho if she is single she will still cherish that love till the day she dies. shilo is also a pervert likes to masturbate atleast 40times a day, is a mega tease but she is shy. all in all a Shilo is not a heart breaker.
She must be a Shilo she chose to be Hulk (chuck norris's booger)
by Stone Zombie May 11, 2011
Shilo Rules. Helps me define urban words. Go Shilo.
Person A: Look, It's Shilo.
Person B. Shilo Rules.
by Kayla Pape December 08, 2003
to retaliate with an unproportional amount of force.
I called him a fag, and he shiloed me by hitting me in the eye with a rock.
by cjames April 28, 2006
A total slut. A wannabe cowgirl, who is so self conscious she must sleep with every fake cowboy with a ford mustang. Typical shilo will sleep with anyone to get whatever she may need, be it tires for the pickup truck daddy bought her or a good grade in a math class. Shilo
Will never work and just continue sleeping her way through college all of her life.
Tire salesman; hey whos chevy truck is that parked outside?
Other tire salesman; oh that belong belongs to that little shilo, she is in the bosses office fucking him for free tires
by drydickmcgee December 10, 2013
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