it rhymes with kid if your ever stumpped in a drinking game! another word for the brown stuff in your pants-dirty bitch!
shid my bitch got a nasty twaco but your bitch got a nastier one
by jizz November 23, 2003
When you say it, it sounds like shit. It's a way of cursing but not really doing it
Damn it smells like shid
by fr3shprinc3ssha July 10, 2009
An amalgamation of the two words "shit" an "lid". Used to describe a head of hair, or lid, of epicly disgusting proportions. Most probably a badly dyed blond hair cut like the hairdresser was a one-armed chimpanzee with no depth perception.

Usually found heard by 1st XV players dicking on the new guy who needs a word limit so he can't talk during training.
"mate, that is one bad shid"
"a shid?"
"a shit lid"
by Mornsey April 17, 2010
To kill, assassinate in order to make the victim's death a humilation.
The prisoner got shidded.
by Rahul M July 23, 2003
Shaking head in disagreement.
In an instant messenger typing SHID would show your disagreement.
by George Bekmezian February 28, 2003
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