a nicer way of saying shitballs.
"Oh shibbles, I missed the exit."
by mwolfrose February 16, 2009
Top Definition
My gorgeous sparkly-eyed pixie-eared smiley-faced girlfriend!
I'm in love with Shibbles!
by K-Express December 22, 2011
A combination of shit and dribble.
Joe Blow exclaiming at the latest Britney Spears song: Whoa! That is the biggest load of shibble my ears have had to endure for a long time!
by Phil Malin July 18, 2006
Meaning of little rabbit shits or those shits you take that are like airsoft pellets.Or a pity or sluggish insult best and most used stoned.
dude your balls are the size of shibbles.

shit i need to take a shibbles.

shibbles lost my keys
by Drew Walker October 20, 2010
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