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Relating to the amount of AWESOME there is in the entire universe itself. It breaks the 1-10 barrier of awesome, with a 2054!! WHOA! Out there in our world there are people with the last name Shervey. These people keep the planet rotating, make it go round. They also possess all the desires a man/woman are looking for; they are SUPER unique, beautiful, sexy (they know exactly what type of sex you are looking for), and most importantly humorous! Calling all Sherveys...REPRESENT!
"DAMNIT Darla, you just have too much "Shervey" for me. I'm SO hot for you, but I can't do this anymore! It's WAY overwhelming!"

"It's a bird, It's a PLANE, It's...Nah dude that's my Shervey. OH!! (Sexual sigh...) He/She is so...Shervey!

"YOUR soul told me the answers to my dreams. The amount of "Shervey" within you is just...extraordinary."
by Saul McGillicutty February 28, 2009
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